Battle of the Buffet

A lot NGOs struggle to raise funds, smaller NGOs struggle even more. They don’t have the right connect, people, resources to conduct events, meet donos, and talk about their work. And orrganising an event, is a costly affair, return is poor. Battle of the Buffet offers them a common platform to make use of high class event to raise fund without spending a penny.

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Know about impact

In the last 11 years through BOB NGOs has raised 30 crores. The money raised through has supported over 134 projects of NGOs worth. For smaller NGOs who are doing tremendous work BoB is a major fundraising source.

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  • We would like to extend Hearty thanks from the children and team at Vanavil to the Battle of Buffet! Mahadevan sir's inspiring guidance, the generosity of the many donors who reach out to the marginalised, the efficient team at BoB, and the amazing set of organisations we get to interact and learn from have made BoB a very exciting and useful part of our Calendar. We thank BoB for supporting the education of children from the Nomadic Communities through Vanavil!

  • Golden Butterflies project Home away from Home” (Cocoon) “Hear for you” (Counselling), “Bandwagon” – (Art & Recreational Therapy), “Caregiver’s Connect” (support for caregivers), supported by BOB is making a world of difference to those people like Hema whose days are numbered. It helps improve the quality of life and restore dignity to those ravaged by poverty coupled with disease.

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