Project Bank and Common Pool Funding:

We publish projects of different NGOs and seek support for that. Every year about 30 NGOs are supported. You can donate to the common pool and we project fund the NGOs based on rigorous process of selection.

Process of Selection:

  • Participation in Bob Give Fundraisers. Basic eligibility is covered.
  • Pitch Fest. Open presentation of NGOs in public. Peer rating by other NGOs
  • Based on pitch fest score and participation short list is made
  • The shortlisted NGOs meet panel one on one and describe the project
  • From the score we select NGOs, however smaller, upcoming NGOs are preferred and given higher weightage

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Funds are disbursed based on the project. For a yearlong project it is disbursed quarterly.
  • Selected NGOs are monitored periodically. Quarterly visit is done by the organisers.
  • NGOs send quarterly reports and utlisation report.
  • Donor report is prepared by the organisers and with their observations
  • The next disbursement is based on the performance and utilisation of the funds.